Fab Defense USM Mount For Handgun

Are you using a handgun? Here is something exciting for you. This is literally probably one of my very favorite handgun accessories to date just because it’s so simple and it kind of fulfills a handgun fantasy I’ve had for a long time.

So let me back up and give you a little bit of an idea what i’m talking about.

M&P 9

This is my smith and Wesson M&P 9 pro series, I love this gun. This is my absolute favorite gun to shoot, I could not find a way to mount a red dot sight on to it, I did find one company that would actually mount the red dot. They would mill the slide for me that costed a couple hundred bucks but the issue was like a three-month wait on it and I don’t know, you know that I shoot like multiple times a week, I can’t send this thing away for three months and just to get the slide milled, so op atlantic reached out they said we have got this thing for you which is the handgun universal scope mount made by fab defense and it’s just a super simple man. It like this slides onto the Picatinny rail on your handgun, this gives you another Picatinny on top of your handgun to mount a red dot or whatever you want and it does still allow you to attach an accessory underneath as well. So I thought that was pretty dope, this thing is seventy bucks by the way we’ll talk a little bit more about that price. So seventy bucks as opposed to a couple hundred dollars and waiting three months, I was like send it out man let’s give this thing a try,

This is made from 6061 t6 aluminum original sites remain operational, easy to install facilitates prompt sight alignment compatible to standard Picatinny rail design sights. Thing is 80 grams, it is 40 millimeters wide, 68 millimeters high at a hundred and two millimeters in length. That’s kind of really all it is but I kind of like that about it, it’s just to do one thing so how you use this thing as you slide this over the end of your gun, it’s got some grooves that line up with your Picatinny rail and then one end is threaded and the other end is open and it does come with this little bolt.

I’ll line this up with the Picatinny slot throw that right in and then just use a screwdriver to tighten that down. I do like how it doesn’t have like a washer or something on this side that you have to keep tract of it, just screws right into the other side so I think big thumbs up there. But so that’s all it is and then up on top, you can see we’ve got this Picatinny, so I’ve got a sight mark red dot that I’m gonna throw on top and we’ll do a review specifically on this sight mark, but for now, we’re just talking about the fab defense mount.

I’m gonna throw this thing up so you can see how it looks, so there it is with a red dot mounted up on top and as I mentioned, there is that Picatinny rail down below, so if you still want to throw you know a weapon light or something like that you can do, that just like that so pretty simple, the ability to mount a red dot up on top of your gun without having to worry about milling the slider or anything like that was a huge plus for me.

Pros and Cons


I think the biggest kind of in-your-face that first you notice is that the thing is pretty big, it’s pretty bulky, it’s extending out the slide, it’s it’s definitely going up, you’re never gonna be able to kind of Tuco witness with your sights. If that’s something you’re worrying about because you know it’s obviously raised up above your slide but in terms of bulk and size you’re not gonna be concealed carrying with this, that’s just the the simple truth. For me that wasn’t an issue at all, this isn’t a gun that I ever have concealed carry or plan to conceal carry, this is just a gun that I enjoy shooting at the range shooting steel with and the ability to have this on there without worrying about the slide is super nice, but I can’t throw it in my my range holster anymore like my outside the pant holster or everything like that.

These things have been used in competition for a long time so I’m sure that they have some competition holsters or something that would accommodate this style but it is certainly something to keep in mind, holstering it would be a pain. I’m not super worried about that though with that out of the way.


Let’s get into the to the pros because honestly I think pretty much everything else is a pro for me, so the first thing is the fact that this isn’t attached to my slide meaning that red dot isn’t going to go back and forth with my slide, so while that slide moves, that red dot stays put exactly where it’s at, so as long as you can kind of keep your sight picture, you’re always gonna have that red in sight you’re, not trying to find it as the red dot is moving, I think that’s a really big Pro.

The other big Pro is that I like that it’s non-destructive, it’s not something that you’re committed to with this gun on this slide, if I want to resell this gun at any point, it’s still a standard MMP pro series, the other thing is I like the ability to be able to switch this between guns so I can go out, I can shoot this gun and then I can just unscrew this thing swap it over to my Glock and shoot with the red dot on the Glock and still be somewhat sighted in, and it’s literally just having a flathead screwdriver with me that’s as simple as it is.

I think that’s pretty dope man, the ability to carry this across all your guns and to use a red dot on all of your guns now. You only have to buy the one red dot and you can carry it across all your other guns. Econo will tell you is that this thing is pretty big, the actual, the mount are pretty big and you can see the hole is all the way at the end of this thing. So it doesn’t mount on smaller guns like I have an mmp-9 compact, it doesn’t mount on it. The rail is too short, it does mount on a Glock 19, it does not on an XDS that’s really no surprise, but I think you’re definitely at least in the compact to full-size handguns for this thing to work out. It’s not gonna go on your sub compacts and stuff like that and then lastly is the price as I mentioned, this thing is $70, I think that can be seen as a pro or a con. I guess it might seem a little bit expensive if you just look at the product itself, but when you think about it in terms of context, it is made out of good grade aluminum stuff like that, but beyond that is when you compare the couple hundred dollars to mil your slide for me having to wait three months for it and the other accessories plates whatever you want to throw on top your slide, if you have other guns seventy bucks to be able to throw a red dot on any of your full-size handguns, I think is a pretty stellar deal.

I would consider the price a pro, so anyways that is my review of the fab defense handgun universal scope mount is that what’s called handgun universal scope.


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If you want one of these things though pick them up. I’m pretty stoked on it, I’m pretty happy with it.

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