Essential Gear for Range Shooting

Top 7 Essential Gear to Bring for Range Shooting

There has been a huge increase in gun sales over the past few years. With increased sales of guns, gun owners need to learn safe gun handling. Regular range shooting practice is recommended to become a pro shooter. However, range shooting does not just require a weapon. There are several fears to carry to a range shooting practice.

Gun enthusiasts and patrons usually have their own shooting range equipment. While you can always rent these gears, it is important to own. In this post, we discuss essential shooting range gears to consider buying.

Essential Gear for Range Shooting

Range bag

Apart from the weapon, a range bag is by far the most essential gear to consider. Selecting a quality range bag is essential for a successful trip to a range shooting. A range bag will carry all your essential gear to the range. Consider a sturdy and durable range bag that can accommodate all range shooting gears without wear and tear.

The ideal range bag should have enough space to fit all essentials. Consider bags with Velcro straps for easy carrying. The bag needs to feature a large volume and more side pockets to fit mugs and other accessories. You need a decent range bag to fit all your essential gear.

Eye and Ear Protection

Safety is crucial for any range shooting. You need to carry with you shooting glasses and earmuffs. Accidents can happen and the last thing you want is an accident in range shooting. If the worst comes, you need to have your eyes and ears protected. All shooting ranges have eye protection and ear protection as a requirement. The loud noises from weapons can be deafening to the ears.

If you’re a regular shooter, consider owning a pair of glasses and earmuffs. Rarely will you be allowed in the shooting range without these essentials.

Shooting stick

A long day outdoors in the wild at range shooting can be exhausting. This is why you need to consider shooting sticks. Shooting sticks are versatile range shooting tools that combine a walking stick and a folding chair. These sticks are used as short-term seats when shooting at a range. They feature a narrow saddle that provides a comfortable seat. The sticks also feature an extending metal shaft with a plate to dig into the ground.

You can adjust the height of these sticks to provide a comfortable sitting height. These sticks are versatile help you trek in the wild while offering a comfortable place to sit and rest. When choosing a shooting stick, make sure you consider its quality and maximum user weight. The sticks must also feature smooth finishes for comfortable use.

Cleaning kit

A cleaning kit is essential especially if you’re carrying your gun to the range. Whether you have a brand new gun, or some old gun, a cleaning kit is essential. A decent cleaning kit ensures you shoot all day with minimal pauses for cleaning your rifle. It is important to clean your gun regularly after use. This can prolong its lifespan and improve your shooting performance.

You don’t need to invest heavily in cleaning kits as they are affordable and readily available. Moreover, these kits take minimal space in your range bag.

First aid kit

A first aid kit is a must-have essential gear whenever heading outdoors. Earlier, we said that accidents can happen when in the range. You need a first aid kit to help perform any medical aid before paramedics can arrive.

Take an extra step and check the essentials inside the first aid kit. Some of the important things to consider include tweezers, gloves, plasters, sterilize gauzes, bandages, safety pins, and much more.

Pen, tape, and camera

The three items appear pretty basic but are quite essential for range shooting. Most novice shooters might forget them but experienced shooters never miss them. A pen is essential for documenting your shooting. You can note down your scores and misses. This is important if you want to keep improving. You also need tape to hold targets in place. Lastly, you need a camera to record your memories of the range.

Proper clothing

Lastly, you need to make sure you dress properly for range shooting. A good range shooting experience is only possible when shooters are comfortable. First, make sure you have a pair of durable closed shoes. You also need to dress to match the weather. The shirts and pants must be a little loose to let you feel comfortable. Shooters perform better when they feel comfortable and at ease. It is advisable to carry a heavy coat as the weather can change greatly in the wild.

Final verdict

In conclusion, these are the most important range shooting gears to consider. They are must-have gears to ensure a successful rage shooting experience. Well, these are just a few of the essential gears to carry. Other important gears include a ranging scope, targets, magazine pouches, and much more.